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    Genealogy Technology, Tips & Tricks Q&A

    Please Read!

    This new and independent area of the GenerousGenealogists community is dedicated to providing 'factual, unbiased' answers and suggesting solutions to your questions about using technology in your genealogical endeavors. We are, also, here to help you discover and understand genealogy research tricks & tips and more.

    Have you ever wished that there was a place for getting practical answers to technology questions regarding 'doing' genealogy work?  Have you ever tried to get a genealogical perspective to questions such as:
    • How do I backup my genealogy & family data into ‘the cloud'?
    • I can’t afford a scanner, what ‘nearly free’ options might I have?
    • What types of desktop sharing tools are available freely?
    • How do I convert photographic document images into searchable text?
    • What affordable options are available for me to safely archive family history data for very long periods of time?
    • How do I run Windows genealogy applications on my Linux or Mac PC (or vice versa)?
    If you have had questions like these, then you have come to the right place.  Initially, we have created the following Categories and sub-categories, hopefully your questions will fit into one of them.
    • Tips & Tricks
      • Internet Search
      • Online Archives
      • Other
    • Office Tools
      • Office Suites
      • Photo Imaging
    • Internet Voice Communications
    • Building a Web Presence
      • Website Creation
      • Website Hosting
      • Domain Registration
    • Virtual Computing
    • Internet Resources
      • Google & other Internet Search
      • Online Libraries & Archives
      • Non-traditional Resources

    Current Categories & Subcategories

    • Handheld Computers
      • Smartphones
      • Tablets
    • Laptops, Ultrabooks & Netbooks
      • Choosing a Laptop, Ultrabook or Netbook
      • Laptop Operating Systems
    • Storage, Printing & Scanning
    • Database Creation & Maintenance
      • Picking Database Tools
      • Database Security
    • Network Servers
      • Choosing a server OS
      • Server Security
      • File sharing
      • Protocols & Setup
    • Information Security
      • Backup
      • Spam & Hacker Protection
      • Best practices
    • Cloud Computing
      • Cloud Options
      • General Use & Application
      • Creating Your Own
    • Education, Courses, Training
    • The end of Windows XP
    • Changing Operating Systems
    • Misc. Questions

    For now... anyone may:
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    • Answer questions (unregistered user reponses require moderator approval)
    • Add a comment (unregistered user comments require moderator approval)

    However, should you have questions about your family research, please visit our Brickwall Forums.

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